Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) LiDAR Contract signed (4.3M)


LiDAR (light detection and ranging) elevation data provides highly accurate 3D data of the land which is invaluable data for councils, industry, and business when making investment decisions in regions, particularly in relation to infrastructure and the forestry and agriculture sectors. 

The Government has made $19 million co-funding from the PGF (Provincial Growth Fund) available over four years to support regional councils to obtain a baseline elevation dataset.

Environment Canterbury and the Canterbury Maps partners have been granted $2,900,000 to increase the LiDAR coverage across Canterbury and aid in improving our knowledge of the land. 

The council has just signed a contract to procure LiDAR over the next 3-4 years’ worth 4.3M.

Once the procurement has been concluded the LiDAR coverage for Canterbury will be 100%.

Check out the new areas under the contract here.