Aerial Imagery vs Satellite Comparison

Below is a comparison of Imagery from our collection as at Feb 2016 to satellite imagery acquired by European Space Agency (ESA) via Sentinel 2 on 13th Feb 2017. 

ESA Copyrighted Imagery 

The "true-color" image shows the area in actual colors, e.g., the vegetation appears in green. It covers the full visible spectrum using the red, green and blue / green spectral bands of the satellite mapped to the RGB color space of the image.

Near Infrared Imagery

Below is a comparison of Near Infrared Imagery taken in Feb 2016 and Imagery from the ESA Satellite Sentinel 2 on 13th Feb 2017. 

The same area as a "false-color" image using the near infrared, red and green spectral bands mapped to RGB – this image shows vegetation in a red tone, as vegetation reflects most light in the near infrared. Black colours represent potential vegetation loss.