Click on the print icon  to open the printing options panel.

Enter a map title in the text box provided.

Layout and format options - Select the size, orientation and format of your map output.


Advanced options

Map scale / extent - Preserving map scale may cause the printed map to maintain its scale while recalculating the extent, while preserving the map extent may cause the scale to adjust to fit the current map extent into the printed map.

Force scale - This allows you to force a specific scale by checking the force scale option and entering a scale. Click current to populate the value with the present scale of the map.

Layout metadata - You can overwrite the default author and copyright text by typing into the boxes provided.

Include legend - Check or uncheck this tick box to display the legend on the printed map.

MAP_ONLY size - You can control the width and height of your MAP_ONLY print output by entering different pixel values. Note: you will need to have this layout option selected

Print Quality - Specify the resolution of the map by changing the DPI value. The higher the number, the better the map resolution will be.


When you are ready to print your map click the print  button.

A progress bar will appear next to your print task. Once this has loaded you can open the map and download the document.