Keyword Search

Type a keyword, address or place name in the top left corner search box.

You can toggle maps, locations, site content and open data on and off to filter the results 

Category Search

Expand the category list and click on an icon to search for maps and data within that category.

District Search

Select a district from the list to search for maps, data and locations within the district area.

Alternatively you can choose a region from the Canterbury Maps home page then click explore to view the district search results.

Combination Search

You can refine your search results by adding multiple keywords, categories and districts.

Example: Clicking on the earthquake recovery category, typing the keyword liquefaction and selecting the Selwyn district.

Opening Content

Click on a map title to open an item in the map viewer or click on the information symbol to see the map details page. Some items will redirect you to a map application.

Click on the links to view a property in the map viewer or property search viewer.

Clicking on the title of a data item will redirect you to the open data page to download the data.