Canterbury Historic Record Register

About the Canterbury Historic Record Register (HRR)

Environment Canterbury has a large collection of historical records from around the region, which can be searched using the Canterbury Historic Record Register (HRR).

System requirements

The HRR can be used from any computer, touchscreen or mobile device with an internet connection and does not require a licence or subscription.

The register is map-based and viewed using a map viewer similar in operation to Google Maps. The viewer is based on HTML technology, and will run in most modern web browsers.

Note: JavaScript and popups should be enabled in the browser to use the viewer.

A couple of things to note.....

  • Records have been mapped to varying degrees of accuracy and the markers may therefore not represent the exact location. The point layer suggests a higher level of confidence in locating the document, than the area features.
  • This viewer only contains a subset of the records held by Environment Canterbury.
  • All data unless specifically stated is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.

    Creative Commons License

Using the Canterbury Historic Record Register

The viewer is made up of several components; a map view window, a search box, and a results sidebar which show the timeline and search results.

How to use the viewer

  1. Find your location of interest by using the pan/zoom or search functions to move around the map.
  2. The sidebar will update automatically with available records within your search area.
  3. You can preview records by selecting a thumbnail in the sidebar.
  4. Documents can also be sorted and filtered by date in the side bar menu.
  5. Add records to the zip folder for batch download.

Previewing the record details

Clicking on a thumbnail in the results sidebar will open the records details window. 

Downloading the records

The records can be downloaded individually as JPG files as required, or several records at once can be sent to you in a single zip file. 

Getting the zip file

Once you have selected the records you want, enter your email address and the files will be automatically zipped up and emailed to you.


We welcome your feedback – how easy you have found it to use; any comments you would like to make to help us make it a valuable tool for you. We'd also like to hear about other things you are interested in seeing made available through the Canterbury Historic Plans Register.